Here is short list of Christmas recaps from some Wesleyan churches.

West Michigan District

  • Kentwood Community Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., welcomed 3,818 at the Christmas Eve services, witnessed three new commitments and 5 recommitments to Christ, and received an offering of over $16,000 to benefit the community. The Wyoming (Michigan) campus hosted 150 guests from the community for Christmas Eve dinner, after circulating 3000 invitations door-to-door. God is at work!
  • Every Christmas, Life Stream Church in Allendale invites congregants to place ornaments on the building’s church tree. Inside the ornaments we have people take a small slip of paper on which they write down a prayer request. This is supposed to be a big request that may take up to a year to answer. People pop the top off the ornament and slip the request inside and we sing songs and decorate the Christmas trees with the requests inside the ornaments. We have done this for years and it is an incredibly meaningful time. The note of praise is that this year we have heard more and more praise from people about what they put down as a request a year ago or two years ago or even this year and have seen God’s hand work.
  • Ecclesia/The Front Porch is an urban church plant located in the heart of Muskegon, Michigan. This December the church hosted a hip hop concert capped with a recently hired youth director sharing his story from gang leader to prison to Christ-follower. There were over 100 inner city teens in attendance and people from the church prayed with several of them at the conclusion.

Illinois District

  • Heritage Church in Rock Island had more than 6,900 in attendance during Christmas services. The church collected a special offering during Christmas Eve services to benefit three different ministry opportunities and collected more than $21,000. A family attended Heritage the first weekend in December for the dedication of a family member’s child. One of the attending family members had two daughters that went to services in our Children’s Go! Kids department that weekend. This family had never been to church before. The girls ended up having so much fun and loving Go! Kids that their parents decided to look for a church where they live and they went to church for Christmas.
  • Wheaton Wesleyan Church in Wheaton put together its first ever “Tonight Show Christmas,” which involved several different actors, participants, and musicians. More than 105 attended the event with several who were are not attending church anywhere. WWC finished up the Christmas season with its annual candlelight Christmas Eve service and had 85 in attendance for that service.
  • Clifton Wesleyan Church in Clifton held “Christmas in Clifton,” a themed event based on Bethlehem. Created by a pastor and lay leader, “Bethlehem” blended the Old and New testaments, giving a focus on the expected hope of the Messiah. Children offered a brief program on bringing gifts to Jesus, as each shared gifts and dressed in character of people who gave to God. Some of the characters included Matthew the tax collector and John Wycliffe who gave in sharing God’s Word.
  • Wesleyan Community Church in Oak Lawn celebrated its 70th Christmas. The church celebrated by decorating the church for Advent, giving gifts to retired veterans, providing lunch for widows and widowers, giving gifts to those who are home-bound, providing 150 boxes of gifts for children through Operation Christmas Child, and more.
  • DeKalb Wesleyan Church in DeKalb hosted Ladies Salad Supper, an outreach to the community. The church also ministered at a residential facility, participated in a diaper outreach, and served communion to seniors in their homes.
  • Bridgeport Wesleyan Church in Bridgeport served a dinner to families and provided a Christmas store where free gifts could be chosen.

Central New York District

  • Avon Wesleyan Church in Avon hosted its 5th annual live nativity hayride. The outdoor drama provided participants the opportunity to watch the entire Christmas story. Ove 900 attended the event.

Penn-Jersey District

  • Wesleyan Christian Church in Pottstown, Penn., held its first annual live nativity. The church also opened its doors on New Year’s Eve for three hours, inviting church congregants and neighbors to spend quiet time with God and receive communion.
  • Journeymate Wesleyan Church in Bloomsburg, Penn., hosted its 5th annual community Christmas program. Fully catered and free, 450 people attended and 45 people placed their faith in Jesus as a result. The church also donated 175 meals to those in the community in need.
  • Faith Wesleyan Church in Williamsport, Penn., was unexpectedly able to minister through three funerals held at the church during the holiday season. Each funeral provided a packed house and a powerful opportunity to share the gospel. In each service, several people raised their hands to indicate a decision for Christ.

Shenandoah District

  • Faith Community Church in Charleston, W.Va., served the homeless and those in need of food on the city’s west side. Food, coffee, and clothing were given to men, women, and children. The gospel was also shared.

Tri-State District

  • Faith Wesleyan Church in Bartlesville hosted a Christmas morning breakfast for the homesick and hungry. A local chef created the event and more than 60 people volunteered to serve. Food was donated by area vendors and the event was advertised in the local paper. Transportation was provided, if needed, gifts were given to children, and DVDs of Bible stories were handed out.

Florida District

  • Park Place Wesleyan Church in Pinellas Park served in the community the Sunday after Christmas. More than 180 volunteers split into teams and cleaned an area beach, delivered doughnuts to police officers and firefighters, washed cars, visited nursing home residents and other acts of service.