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Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water. (John 4:15)

Expanded Passage: John 4:15–19

When we moved into a different house a few years ago, we discovered the telecommunications company that had provided TV and wireless connection in our original location did not offer the same service in our new neighborhood. While we were disappointed, AT&T recommended that one of their partners could install a satellite dish on the roof as a solution. Henceforth, our streaming and wireless requirements would come from a satellite in the sky and not through a fiber optic cable buried in the ground. However, due to a host of unanticipated issues, the expectations we had imported from our previous location quickly dissipated. We assumed that the satellite dish would offer the same level of internet service, but it turned into a three-year hassle. The final day of the multi-year contract with the company was a day of rejoicing.

The woman at Jacob’s well in Sychar heard Jesus say that he offered living water. She made an immediate assumption: this living water would make her life easier. She thought that living water implied that she may not have to come back to the well each day to lower a bucket to get water for her household.

The spiritually curious may assume that life will be easier with Jesus, but it often helps to clarify that a relationship with him does not guarantee a less complicated life.

Remember that a relationship with Jesus is not necessarily easy or uncomplicated.

Ed Rotz has served The Wesleyan Church as a pastor and district superintendent. He currently works for PastorServe, Inc. and lives in Topeka, Kansas, with his wife, Sharon.

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