Our Motivation

The Wesleyan Church has deeply valued the next generation, even going back to John Wesley as he preached in the fields to children and youth.

And as we read the Scriptures, we see God using children and young people to shape and create his kingdom. From David beating Goliath, Esther saving her people, and Jesus choosing 12 young men to walk with him, young people are at the center of God’s plan. The desire of The Wesleyan Church is to continue to unleash the next generation to bring God’s kingdom to earth. Our children, middle school, high school and college students are the church now and are ready to be leaders, multipliers and disciple makers in our churches now. As we pursue God’s heart of multiplication and discipleship, the next generation will help us discover God’s heart.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash children, middle school, high school and college students as kingdom multipliers and disciple makers. We believe the next generation is ready to lead in the kingdom now and it is our privileged responsibility to unleash them into their full kingdom potential. We want to see every generation living out the fullness of The Greatest Commandment and The Great Commission as we pursue God’s presence.

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”    Acts 2:17

Next Gen Team

Santes Beatty

Santes Beatty

Director of Next Gen Multiplication & Discipleship

Santes Beatty has about 25 years of ministry and leadership experience in Next Gen spaces. He became part of the Wesleyan Church in 2010 when he and his wife Nicole joined the staff of Kentwood Community Church in Michigan where he served as their High School Pastor and a part of the Teaching Team.  This came after serving twelve years as a Children, Youth and Young Adult Pastor and bi-vocational college administrator in the Triad area of North Carolina. Part of his passion is seeing revival come through a commitment to prayer and fasting; first in families and then in local churches that will spark a global movement. Santes builds on the work of previous directors by helping leaders have presence-driven, values-focused ministries that reach diverse families and communities. He has a Masters of Ministry Leadership with a focus on Youth Ministry from Huntington University in Indiana and has been ordained as both a Wesleyan and Baptist minister. He continues to serve locally as the Student Pastor of ONE Church in High Point, NC, but also serves nationally as the Director of Regional Conferences and Curriculum for Mosaix Global Network and is a Executive Coaching Consultant and Speaker for Second Chair Solutions. In all these roles he helps to equip and resource leaders, their churches, universities and organizations to see them reach their full potential. Prior to these roles he served as Lead Pastor of Mosaic Midtown in Detroit for three years and Director of Multiethnic Ministries for The Wesleyan Church for six years. He is an itinerant speaker for Fuller Youth Institute and an instructor for Kingswood Extended, a ministerial credentialing arm of the Wesleyan Church that is housed at Kingswood University in Canada.

Santes is a native of Raeford, N.C., but currently resides in Greensboro with his wife Nicole. They have five children: Tesia, Christian, Josiah, Serenity and Sarah as well as a granddaughter, Nalani. They also have a fur baby named Cami (their Golden Retriever).

Priscilla Youn

Priscilla Youn

Admin. Assistant for Next Gen Multiplication & Discipleship

Priscilla was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio to South Korean immigrants. As a Korean American woman, Priscilla faced several challenges that were specific to her call to ministry. She didn’t have any Korean women pastors in her life and through countless conversations and interactions, she was always encouraged to teach, not preach. With that, she went to Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) as an Elementary Education major and left with a BS in Youth Ministries, Pastoral Ministries, and Humanities, thanks to God’s consistent pursuit of her. During her time at IWU, she had the privilege of planning and serving Fusion Youth Conference and Never2Young Conference. She also served with IWU Summer Ministry Teams,  Joshua Generation Ministries, Never The Same Camp Ministries, and Korean Leadership Camps.

She currently resides in Sioux Falls, SD serving as Resident Teens Pastor at Ransom Church, where she is being developed and exposed to different ministerial opportunities so she can best serve the Kingdom.  She is eager and expectant for what God will continue to do in Next Gen lives, as she believes they are HUNGRY for Jesus!