Next Gen Events

Next Gen Cohorts

Are you looking for more ways to learn and grow during this everchanging ministry season?

We are excited to launch another round of learning cohorts this fall! These three unique cohorts are a great way to build connections, learn from each other, and grow in our leadership. You can sign up by emailing



For the Body by Timothy Tennent

This 6-week “can’t miss” cohort will dive into the complexities of today’s sexuality and gender conversation. Tennent provides a theologically sound framework as he reminds us of God’s design for our bodies, as we seek to engage this complex topic with both truth and love. This cohort will meet on Thursdays for 6-weeks, starting September 23rd at 12:30pm ET each week.  

Kids’ Min Foundations

This 7-week cohort packed full of in-depth practical training for anyone looking to take their Kids’ ministry to the next level. We will explore topics like recruiting/developing great volunteers, how to choose a curriculum that works, creating a discipleship pathway for your kids, and much more. This cohort will meet on Tuesdays, starting September 21st at 12:30pm ET each week.

10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) About Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin

 This 6-week cohort is designed to tackle some of the most challenging questions our kids and students face. It will provide an excellent baseline to help you teach/equip your students to answer questions like “Can Jesus Be True for You but Not for Me?, Why Can’t We Just Agree That Love Is Love?, How Can You Believe in Heaven and Hell?” This cohort will meet on Wednesdays for 6-weeks, starting September 22nd at 12:30pm ET each week.  

Any Questions?

For more information, email Christen Carlson

Fuel-Next Gen Conference 


Are you feeling stuck in the middle of the ministry grind? Are you feeling like there isn’t an end in sight? At Fuel 2022, we want to seek out what God has for us in the middle. This year, we will be hosting Fuel, our annual Next Gen Leaders conference, in person on February 3-4 in Muncie, Indiana!

If you would like to learn more about Fuel 2022, you can click here.

Follow 2023 

Join us for Follow 2023! Mark your calendars for Follow 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 28th-30th.

Follow will be three days of engaging speakers, incredible worship, and exciting activities. Follow continues to be our denomination’s largest event and a key catalyst for students discovering God’s heart and presence. To receive email updates on the next Follow conference visit


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