“RICE” was a familiar cry on Saturday, April 2 as nearly 500 people worked together in the little town of Harrington, Delaware. Volunteers came from the community surrounding the little, big community that 3,300 people call home. Numerous churches came together to work alongside Calvary Wesleyan Church(CWC). Individuals from both Trinity Wesleyan Churchand United Wesleyan Church came to help. As well, countless other churches from towns surrounding sent volunteers to assist. What could bring these diverse groups of Wesleyans, Methodists, Independents and even those outside the local congregations together to serve? The goal of packing 100,000 meals that are being sent to refugees of the Syrian crisis.

It was the sixth year that CWC of Harrington has sponsored the food packing. In those six years, around 400,000 meals have been packed. Global Aid Network, also known as GAiN, is an organization in Pennsylvania that works to facilitate packing events with churches. CWC of Harrington was their very first mobile packing site and is currently their largest long-term church partner. It took about one and half hours to pack 50,000 meals at the seven stations.

The impact of packing meals isn’t the only benefit. CWC members spoke of meeting people from other communities and congregations, and some without a church home. Being able to fellowship while working on a common goal created bonds that will continue outside of this event. Another benefit is that it is a multi-generational event as well. Families were encouraged to come and serve alongside their children. It wasn’t shocking to see three generations serving together.

CWC of Harrington is not finished! The dream is to continue to make this a truly community event by moving the packing to the local fairgrounds and doubling the impact by packing 200,000 meals. At a cost of .25 cents a meal, it is not a cheap event. CWC is looking for other churches to help sponsor this event so that together our world continues to be impacted with the message of Christ! Written by Curtis Cecil, Calvary Wesleyan Church.