The thirty-three district conferences of The Wesleyan Church in North America have voted to ratify four constitutional amendments that had been approved by the General Conference meeting in Lexington, Kentucky, in June 2012. To become constitutional and form a part of The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church each memorial had to be approved by two-thirds of the aggregate vote, or 66.7 percent. Nearly 4,800 delegates participated in affirming the General Conference’s legislation.

In other action, three conferences elected new district superintendents. The Illinois District named Rev. Alan Goracke as acting district superintendent. The Penn-Jersey District elected Dr. Karl Eastlack and the Greater Ohio District elected Rev. Les Crossfield.

Rounding out a busy year of change across the denomination, the Kentucky and Tennessee Districts merged to form the Kentucky-Tennessee District, and the Colorado-Nebraska District voted to change its name to the Mountain Plains District.