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From Judah will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg, from him the battle bow, from him every ruler. (Zech. 10:4)

“Let’s go for a ride.” Dad often invited me to take a drive as a way to spend quality time with just me. One day he drove down a road and stopped near a field overlooking a typical Kansas prairie. We walked to a foundation of an old home site that belonged to a relative of our family. I climbed up a small mound which turned out to be a Kansas sod house. When we approached the front of the structure, well-chiseled stone lined the entrance, with a keystone holding the entrance intact. I was stunned to see my maiden name carved on the stone!

The stone that came from Judah was not a keystone, but a cornerstone. A cornerstone determines the location of the rest of the foundation and provides structural integrity for the building. From Judah, Christ has become the cornerstone of our faith (see Acts 4:11).

The tent peg also came from Judah. A tent peg is driven into the ground and is connected with ropes to provide stability to a tent. It also could refer to the peg on which was hung the valuables of a family. Christ is the tent peg on which the glory of God hangs.

Christ is our cornerstone and tent peg. Christ is the foundation of our faith pointing us to God’s glory.

Do not trip on the tent peg and miss God’s glory.

Gena Duncan is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan College. She and her husband reside in Naples, Florida, in the winter season.

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