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Like an earring of gold or an ornament of fine gold is the rebuke of a wise judge to a listening ear. (Prov. 25:12)

For many of us, professional evaluations happen at least one a year. Some folks dread the whole process. But what if instead of feeling apprehension, they saw it as an opportunity to receive feedback that could help them improve?

I once had a 360-degree evaluation, which included anonymous input from coworkers and people I supervised. As my boss reviewed the feedback, he brought to my attention things that needed improvement. In that moment of vulnerability, I had a choice: I could become defensive, make excuses, discount the evaluators, blame others, or I could take ownership of what they perceived about my leadership and work to become better. I appreciate that my boss didn’t just pat me on the back and hide the harder things. He expressed care for me in two ways: He affirmed things I did well, and he addressed areas that needed growth so that I could become more effective in my role.

I have a few friends that I can count on who will do the same for me in other areas of my life: emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. They are undoubtedly my encouragers, but they will also let me know when I have a stinky attitude or my priorities are askew. I am blessed to have friends who love me enough to have the courage to tell me the truth so that I can continue to develop.

Speak the truth in love to help others grow.

Belinda Selfridge is a Wesleyan pastor, Tri-State district administrator, OKWU adjunct professor, motorcyclist, creative frugalist, singer, and bass player.

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