Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband.” (John 4:17)

ALLISON INTRODUCED HERSELF to the divorce recovery group as a “two-time loser.” She was now going through her second divorce after a stormy ten years of marriage. Like her first husband, her second husband was an alcoholic who slept around with other women. When the danger to her health and safety had become profound, she finally pulled the plug. The leader of the group reminded Allison that one biblical hero was the woman at the well, presumably divorced and remarried five times. As far as Jesus was concerned, she was no loser.

When Jesus realized that the woman at the well was starting to lose her focus on what really mattered, He redirected the conversation toward the shameful experiences she was trying to hide. This was the area where her soul had been damaged and the place where she needed the healing touch of Jesus the most.

As Allison continued on through the divorce recovery program, she began to have her own healing conversation with Jesus. As the woman at the well found out, Jesus simply wants us to acknowledge what He already knows about our broken spirits—whether our losses were caused by others or our own poor judgement. Even when we try to deflect the discussion to other “safer” things, Jesus will keep bringing us back to the crucial conversation.

Initiate the necessary crucial conversations in your life.

Doug Schmidt is a freelance content developer living in Denver. His favorite thing to do is to sit in comfortable chairs and “download the day” with his wife.