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If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. (Matt. 6:22)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 6:22–23

We moved to a brand-new house last year. We purchased it in the winter, so when warm weather arrived, the builder planted the yard and added landscaping to complete the project. We had never experienced trying to grow a whole new yard before, and we hope we never have such a project again.

At first, nothing grew at all. A drought and oppressive heat killed everything. We replanted, and the yard quickly filled with green. . . weeds. If you looked from down the street, it seemed we had grand success in growing a yard. But if you stood in the yard, you saw the invasive weeds multiplying in every direction.

It was a powerful lesson to us in how something can start small and take over so profoundly. Whatever your eyes behold can impact (for good or evil) the whole of your mind and body. One relationship can improve or destroy your life.

Solomon didn’t begin life with a thousand women. But he cultivated a life of multiple wives, none of whom followed the one true God. And over time, he cultivated a crop of idol worship and weak devotion to the Lord.

Ryan and I face the ongoing hard work of cultivating a yard of grass, not weeds. And we all face the hard work of cultivating a crop of discipleship and holiness in our hearts.

Cultivate a healthy heart devoted to the Lord.

Bekah Shaffer lives in Bluffton, Indiana, and enjoys studying and teaching the Word, drinking coffee, and adventuring with her husband, Ryan, and puppy, Lexi Grae.

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