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Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door! (James. 5:9)

Expanded Passage: James 5:9

My kids love gift shops. If we go to a zoo, museum, or any other establishment that sells souvenirs, we have to walk through, admire, and—possibly—purchase some memento from that gift shop. If we don’t have time to browse the shop or if purchasing a toy isn’t in the cards, my kids are, to say the least, disappointed. They’ll lose sight of all the fun and memorable things we just did.

An otherwise wonderful day spent at the zoo can be ruined because of a few seconds of disappointment at the gift shop. The joy and fun of the moment was ruined because they wanted just one thing more. It’s easy to shake our heads and laugh at the silly grumblings of kids who are unwilling to enjoy what’s in front of them, but we, too, are prone to groan with a similar lack of foresight.

We’ll feel the urge to upgrade our houses, cars, jobs, and other aspects of our lives, without a thought about what we’ve been blessed with right now. Grumbling is the enemy of the present. Reflection resulting in gratitude is the cure for grumbling and is the key to enjoying the present. James warned his readers to avoid grumbling. Rather, we should reflect on how we are blessed and praise God for it.

Reflect on past blessings and be grateful.

Stephen Simpson is a graduate of Wesley Seminary (IN). He has served at Wesleyan churches—in one form or another—since childhood.

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