Cyclone activity continues to impact the countries around the Indian Ocean. Our church family in Bangladesh asks that you think and pray for them in the coming hours. The following has been received from Joshe Bose, DS of Bangladesh:

Dear Respected Ministry Partners and Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in His resurrected name, and I believe you had a great Easter celebration! Easter once again reminds us that we are having a victorious life through Jesus Christ. And through the resurrection, He has received the complete authority over heaven and earth.

I am writing to you regarding a big threat of a Category 4 Cyclone hitting Bangladesh and the region surrounding it. Please see the link here:

You may know that a cyclone named “Fani” is forming in the in Bay of Bengal; which is part of the Indian Ocean. We have been closely observing the news and reports that the cyclone Fani is going to hit land in the Bangladesh and India region.  The cyclone is gaining more power gradually and it is predicted that the cyclone will hit inland on May 3rd at evening Bangladesh time. The Tropical Cyclone Fani has a category 4 level cyclone, and if it directly hits Bangladesh, it will break the record for the last 45 years. It will ruin 14 of the total of 64 districts in Bangladesh

The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh:

As we all know that most of the Wesleyan churches are established and situated in the southern part (Bagerhut, Khulna and Satkhira District) of Bangladesh where the cyclone will hit landfall. We have 23 churches in this area among 52 total churches in Bangladesh. Approximately half of our believers will be affected by this storm. Besides that, we also have five pre-schools and two orphanages in this location.

So please join with us in prayer as we believe that the Lord is in control of everything. Even we believe that the cyclone could disappear! So let us also pray so that His will may be fulfilled in our life like never before!

May the Lord Bless you all!

In addition, the people of India and Myanmar and our Wesleyan presence there may also be impacted.

Please commit yourself to continued prayer and support for our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and around the world.