Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him. (Heb. 7:25)

Beauty is only skin deep, but Christianity is through and through. The deeper beauty of a believer in Jesus Christ is not that he or she looks good on the outside, but is good on the inside. Being saved, or rescued, from an outside threat preserves our earthly lives. Being rescued from an internal threat preserves our eternal lives. Being saved from both is a miracle and a necessity.

Inappropriate desires and tendencies left unchecked develop into sin. Sin infects our lives and invades our activities. That sin threatens our eternity with God. Priestly sacrifices provided forgiveness of sin, but the perfect sacrifice of Jesus provided forgiveness and a way out of sin once and for all.

To turn to Jesus is to come to God. Jesus is God with us, and turning is repentance. Because of his perfect sacrifice on our behalf, he saves completely those who turn to him. Repentance is a change of our habits and of our desires, inside and out.

Saving completely is not only forgiveness of sin, but also deliverance from sin. Jesus shows all who are willing to learn that there is a way not to sin, if we choose to follow him. Following Jesus is a moment-by-moment decision and a life-long decision. It is constant and ever present. It is thorough.

Consider how deeply you have been rescued.

Randall A. Forbes is director of plant operations at Kingswood University. With a flair for the artistic, Randy’s secular life experience contributes to his unique perspective and application of biblical truths.

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