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As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. (Luke 7:38)

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a beautiful neo-Gothic cathedral in the heart of Manhattan. This church is open to tourists every day, even during masses and weddings. One day as I wandered through leisurely, I noticed a woman kneeling at a small altar on the far side of the room. I could see that she was crying, and as I drew closer, her soft weeping turned to desperate wails. Her tears wet the marble beneath her as she crumpled to the floor. My heart sank as I saw a security guard approach the woman, fearing that he was going to force her to leave. Instead, the guard gently slipped his arm around the woman’s shoulder and let her tears soak his jacket.

Luke described a similar woman, one who was desperate to get to Jesus. Disregarding what anyone else thought, she worshiped him extravagantly. She wept. She knelt. She anointed Jesus’ feet with perfume and wiped them with her hair. She held nothing back. Unlike the Pharisee, Jesus accepted her, just as she was, and received her worship.

Is anything holding you back from fully worshiping Jesus? He receives your extravagant worship, regardless of your past or your failures. When we come to him with everything we have, he is pleased. Jesus doesn’t turn away those who are desperate for him.

Worship Jesus extravagantly, holding nothing back.

Jenn Petersen co-pastors Resurrection Life NYC, a Wesleyan congregation in Manhattan. Passionate about discipleship, worship, and justice, she also works for International Justice Mission.

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