The annual District Administrators Institute, held February 21 and 22, included training and testing on the new, mobile-friendly Annual Service Report (ASR) and Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR), part of ongoing portal improvements.

Held at The Wesleyan Church (TWC) Headquarters in Fishers, Indiana, this Institute provides district administrators professional, personal and spiritual development, as well as networking opportunities.

This year, 16 district administrators were able to attend. While the primary focus was on the portal reporting process, there was also new district administrator orientation, systems and process examination and discussion related to administrator’s best practices.

While the current pastor portal and student portal remain active, the first portal improvements will be seen in April, when pastors and students complete their required ASR. An email sent from “” one week before ASRs go live will contain portal log-in instructions with a temporary password. Pastors and church leaders should contact their district office with log-in or ASR content questions.

The LCSR will be available in the new, mobile-friendly format and lead/solo pastors will be sent instructions from “” in May. Additional LCSR changes include less questions and reorganization into new categories related to TWC’s three core questions:

  • Who is making disciples in our church?
  • How many disciples are multiplying our church?
  • Where are we a transforming presence by disciples making disciples?

The form’s goal is to tie TWC statistics more closely to TWC’s strategic focus.

District administrators affirmed the improvements. Some comments include:

  • I was excited to hear about the beginning of improvements to the portal. I look forward to seeing the continued expansion of the tools and resources available to our pastors and churches.
  • The process for using the new portal system is easy and user-friendly. I love the fact that you can even do it on your phone.
  • The first portal phase coming out this year for ASRs and LCSRs has a nice, clean look … the team has made every effort to train and include us in the process.

“I was impressed with the way the administrators were so fully engaged in learning,” said Ron McClung, assistant general secretary. “They also interacted beautifully in terms of helping each other by sharing best practices.”