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“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” (Matt. 10:32)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 10:32-33

Does the reward of serving outweigh the cost? Being a soldier of the United States Army is a title many have earned and one that always comes with great cost. In order to become a soldier, one must sacrifice time with family, endure hard physical labor, suffer long periods away from home in hostile areas, and overcome mental and physical challenges. Some, unfortunately, pay the ultimate price of giving their life for their country.

From my personal experience, the reward of serving in the army was greater than the cost. I am now a part of a family that will last forever. The friendships gained during those trying times are hard to break. The genuine camaraderie, the experiences, and the lessons learned significantly outweigh the cost it took to become a soldier.

Does the reward of being a part of God’s family outweigh the cost? Jesus explained to his disciples that following him involved a cost. He explained to the Twelve, in earlier verses, the different situations they might find themselves in, which are still relevant today. When we acknowledge Jesus, we may face rejection, ridicule, personal attacks, or cultural judgment. However, as Jesus explained, if we do not acknowledge him, the price we pay will be far greater in eternity than here on earth. Understand this: the heavenly reward always outweighs the earthly cost.

Remember that the heavenly reward always outweighs the earthly cost.

Andrew Christman, a proud veteran of the US Army, serves as a hospital chaplain in Columbia, SC. He is a graduate of Wesley Seminary (IN) and an ordained Wesleyan pastor.

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