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All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. (2 Cor. 5:18)

One day while riding a crowded subway in Boston, I overheard a group of high schoolers talking. One girl looked at the group and said, “Some people are addicted to drama. They are drama addicts.” Drama addicts are people who create or perpetuate drama for the sake of the way it makes them feel. Perhaps they like the attention or have nothing better to do.

While drama addicts tend to participate in drama to create conflict, Christians can participate in drama for reconciliation. This type of drama is creative rather than being destructive. The creative aspect of drama opens the way for loving communion. The ministry of reconciliation is a type of drama that radically reorients sinners toward grace and hate toward love. Believers are ambassadors of this drama, which is given to us by Christ. This drama disrupts worldly appearances and is a core part of the ministry Christ has given to us.

Unfortunately, it is often missing from the lives of believers, and the church is well known for negative modes of drama. Imagine what it would be like, though, for people to know the church as a place of dramatic reconciliation. What would it take for you to be a part of this foundational ministry? With prayer, grace, and intentionality, you can shift from participating in destructive drama to reconciling drama.

Find an opportunity to participate in the ministry of reconciliation.

Scott Donahue-Martens lives outside of Boston. He is on staff at Awaken City Wesleyan Church and is completing a PhD in practical theology.

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