One of the constant strengths of The Wesleyan Church that contributes to optimism about our future is our commitment to Wesleyan higher education. 

The partnership between the schools and the Church has been healthy and consistent. Over the last dozen years or more, the enrollment trend, in spite of a couple blips, has been stable or positive. This has been true of traditional undergraduate education as well as adult education.

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Our Wesleyan Colleges

The WE schools equip students to become more like Christ and fulfill God’s call on their lives in their churches, communities and careers.

Approved Seminaries

The Wesleyan Church encourages all pastors to pursue a seminary education.  Wesley Seminary at IWU and other approved seminaries are General Board recommended institutions.

Wesleyan Loan Grant

The Wesleyan Church provides loan grant assistance to students enrolled in an approved ordination track at one of our approved schools or seminaries.

Faculty Development Loan Grant

The Faculty Development Aid Program exists to support Wesleyans achieving the highest academic degree in a field (typically PhD) so they may be equipped to serve in The Wesleyan Church, especially in The Wesleyan Church’s academic institutions.

Programs & Events

Doctrinal Symposium

A period gathering of Wesleyan religion faculty and other ministry leaders focusing on doctrinal issues related to the ongoing education and formation of Wesleyan pastors.  Each symposium tackles a different topic.  This generally takes place at the end of May/first of June. 

Graduate Students Theological Seminar

The Wesleyan Church and the Free Methodist Church host the annual Graduate Students’ Theological Seminar. Topics center on academic research related to the foundational practices for preparing ministers (theology, Bible, history, philosophy and practical ministry). This seminar brings together religion doctoral students and theology faculty to encourage and develop new scholarship, build relationships and facilitate networking. The seminar is designed for doctoral students in religion, biblical studies, philosophy, etc. who are hoping to give service to The Wesleyan Church in Higher Education as well as final year seminary students who are planning to go directly on to doctoral work and Religion Wesleyan Departments Faculty.