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They took note that these men had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13)

Karl didn’t have a lot of education or high-profile gifts, but what he had, he used for the Lord. A faithful member of a church where I pastored, Karl had the gift of hospitality. Each Sunday, he would arrive early, unlock the church doors, turn on the lights, and then greet arriving worshipers as they walked in. His firm handshake and warm greeting left a lasting impression. Visitors didn’t know his name, but they were influenced by his welcome.

Peter and John had little to no education by the cultural standards of their time. They were fishermen by trade who were called to assist Jesus in building his spiritual kingdom on earth. Despite their humble status by cultural standards, they became a pervasive threat to the “religious system” because of their association with Jesus and their willingness to share his message, no matter the cost.

Historically, the Christian faith has influenced every segment of culture for good, from education to science to government to law to its systems of welfare. Its teachings can be found woven into so many facets of our laws and culture. And in each of its influences, you could find a dedicated follower or followers of Christ who stepped out and became willing to lead the charge. Small acts of faith often lead to significant influence.

Use what gifts you have to be an extraordinary influencer.

Jerry Brecheisen is an author and ordained elder who served The Wesleyan Church as a pastor and director of communications at the headquarters in Indiana.

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