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All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet. (Matt. 1:22)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 1:22-23

As we move through life, it is easy to be discouraged and even defeated by the world we live in. Negative headlines, hardship in the lives of loved ones, and personal struggles can often weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. Perhaps you struggle with depression and/or anxiety and, if you’re honest, some days it is difficult to simply keep moving forward with life.

Though we live in a broken and dark world, we have the privilege of walking with a powerful and faithful God. He is the one who will have the final victory, his plans will prevail, and all he has promised will remain true. Even in the beginning of Jesus’ life, we see that when God speaks something, it will be fulfilled. He, through the angel, promised Joseph and Mary what was to come, and that very same thing came to pass as he said it would.

We can glean great hope and confidence from the reality that God is faithful and true to his word. Perhaps there is an area of your life right now where you need an infusion of encouragement. Take time to rehearse the promises of God in Scripture. Invite him to reveal himself as provider, healer, rescuer, and comforter. Press on, knowing that his promises to us will be accomplished.

Renew your hope in God, who keeps his promises to you.

Joel Gorveatte loves Jesus, his wife, and the church deeply. He serves as the Worship & Next Steps pastor at Journey Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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