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And he began to teach them. (Matt. 5:2)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 5:1-3

Fight or flight is the response of many when facing a difficult or overwhelming circumstance. We look for the best way to protect our spirit. However, over the years I’ve learned there is another option . . . fall. In one of the darkest seasons of my life, when fight or flight was not enough, I found myself on my floor crying. I did not have the energy to fight. I had nowhere and no one to flee to. I was alone. So, I fell. All I could do was fall to the floor and cry. Yet, while I was down, God met me. He held me close. He taught me gently. He showed me how to fall into his arms.

Jesus sat on the mountainside as he taught the Beatitudes. He didn’t tower over or stand and look down on those he was teaching. Rather, he lowered himself to their level and met them where they were. And then he reminded them that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are poor in spirit.

God is willing to meet us wherever we are. Perfection is not required. Knowing how to avoid difficulties and suffering is not a requirement. It is okay for us to be authentic about how overwhelming life can be. In fact, it’s in those moments where God shows us just how blessed we are.

Instead of fleeing or fighting, fall into the arms of Jesus.

Tara Klein is a Wesley Seminary graduate who enjoys relaxing with her family, serving others, and sharing God’s unconditional love with the lost and broken-hearted.

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