Look at the birds of the air. . . . Are you not much more valuable than they? (Matt. 6:26)

My friend, Eli, teaches a course on ornithology—the study of birds. He takes his classes around the countryside and marshes near Houghton, looking at local birds. In May, he usually takes a group of students to some exotic locale to see birds from around the world. Even though an ornithology course doesn’t fit into most students’ educational or career plans, Eli’s courses are always nearly full. I think this is because his students understand that ornithology is a passion for him, not merely an object of academic study. His living room has huge windows where he can look out at his feeders, and one cannot take a road trip with him without hearing some story about birds. Eli loves birds, and his students love his love of birds; they want to love birds because of the way he loves them.

Jesus might be one of the few people who loves birds in the same way Eli does; after all, he was there at their creation, honoring birds as part of the good world that the Father made. When Jesus saw the birds, though, he was mindful that God’s love for people exceeds even his love for creation. Jesus urged us to live with all the carefree confidence of the birds, knowing that our Father loves us and will care for us, just as he does the precious birds.

Remember how deeply God loves you; live confident in his care.

Michael Jordan is the dean of the chapel at Houghton College (New York), where he also serves as chair of the department of biblical studies, theology, and philosophy.

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