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You fill me with joy in your presence. (Acts 2:28)

Memories of joy-filled moments dot the lives of all of us. Perhaps it was a marriage proposal—the day she finally said yes, or he finally asked the big question. Joy was there. Perhaps it was the birth of a child and the wonder of seeing and holding your daughter or son. Joy was there.

Unexpected joy came as I sat with extended family members one day when my uncle’s will was to be read. To my surprise, he left his house to me—a place I loved to visit and where I had spent quite a bit of time in my teen years.

These examples are all based on circumstances. Experiences like these can ignite deep feelings of joy and the memory of them is long lasting and often spoken of to anyone who will listen.

“I have joy, real joy, wonderful joy since Jesus came into my heart,” so says the hymn. Real joy. Not circumstance-controlled joy. Not a passing emotion that soon evaporates when the moment is past and forgotten. Real joy—being joy filled—transcends the frequent changes in circumstances. Real joy is based on character, commitment, and confidence.

Apostle Peter was quoting David, the Old Testament king, when he said, “You fill me with joy in your presence.” What a liberating thought.

Find joy in God’s presence, not in your circumstances.

H. C. Wilson is General Superintendent Emeritus of The Wesleyan Church.

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