Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. (Acts 2:46)

In university, students attended a chapel service twice a week as well as attending a weekend service. I remember when I went home for the summer after that first year feeling almost lost because I didn’t have that organized worship three times a week. Going to church just once, or sometimes not at all because life happens, seemed almost like I was cheating myself out of something. I always told my parents that I felt out of place back at home because I wasn’t living how I lived back at Kingswood. But as time went on, this feeling slowly started to fade.

Not because I lost that desire or passion but simply because I realized I didn’t have to attend three services a week to feel connected with God. I could meet him wherever I was, in many ways. I could meet him through the Word, in prayer, or even just in fellowship with those around me. There is no set structure or boundaries to where God is.

When I read in Acts that they met together continually, I no longer think of a service. I think of them coming to a specific place for a certain time to meet with God—every single day, realizing that God was with them wherever they met or whatever they did. God offers each of us the same opportunity.

Allow God to show you the places you can meet with him.

Callie Kemmerer is an alumnus of Kingswood University and currently serving at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church in Pennsylvania. She leads the hospitality ministry and loves to see Jesus work through that ministry.

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