Houghton College was recently named a top 10 private higher education institution by Fiske Guide to Colleges, one of its 20 Best Buy Colleges and Universities of 2019.

The inclusion recognizes Houghton’s outstanding academic quality in relation to the net cost of attendance. Ten public schools and 10 private institutions comprise the list, including institutions such as Purdue University, Rice University, Texas A&M University, University of Florida, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt University and more.

Fiske specifically lauded Houghton’s approach to financial aid, which includes nearly all students receiving aid from the college.

Such an accolade recognizes Houghton’s commitment to providing an academically challenging education to students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds that prepares them for a changing world. This past year, the college further solidified its intent with the Houghton Promise, which focuses on affordability, academic quality, acceleration, accountability, and authentic spiritual formation. “A key component of the Promise is a new four-year scholarship for new residential students entering Fall 2018, awarded alongside existing academic and need-based scholarship awards.”

In order to determine the 20 Best Buy schools, Fiske Guide first indexes public and private institutions by price as well as by average student debt incurred there – then compares academic ratings with schools falling largely in the low/moderate pricing and debt categories. Innovative financial aid policies and commitments to socioeconomically diverse student bodies are also key factors in the 20 Best Buy decision.