They went on their way. . . . When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. (Matt. 2:9–10)


WHERE’S THE FARTHEST YOU’VE TRAVELED? Anyone who has ever been on an extended road trip or traveled overseas knows the exhaustion that comes with traveling long distances. So often, you arrive exhausted, just hoping for a nap.

For the Magi, it probably seemed that the unfamiliar landscape would never end. Miles and miles of strange sights and sounds. A tiring cycle of hot desert sun and cold night air. Sore bodies from riding the same camels day in and day out matched sore tempers. Yet a singular, all-consuming purpose drove them: follow the star. Follow the star, and find the Savior.

At the end of their journey, the wise men saw God like few else have. They saw the fleshed-out breakthrough of God for all humanity, and they saw it only because they did not give up. These wise men followed the call of the Lord, no matter how inconvenient and no matter how difficult.

Maybe our Lord has led you on a journey as well—a long and difficult one, filled with uncertain and unfamiliar territory. Maybe you are following your own “star” through hostile circumstances, the promise of seeing his breakthrough the only thing keeping you going. Press on. Keep the star ever before you. Every journey he leads us on is an invitation to know and experience him in a way that can only happen by completing the journey.


Follow Jesus’ call to receive his fulfilled promise.


Meghan Baker describes herself as a broken person in desperate need of God’s presence every day. She has a beautiful man and young daughter with whom she is blessed to run life’s race.


© 2018 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.