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Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart. (Ps. 119:34)

My eyes were drawn to the captivating poster with the word ADVENTURE scrawled beneath it. The picture featured a person on a mountain bike, flying off a cliff while performing a trick in the air. A crystal-clear, blue sky framed the bold stunt. The daredevil looked like he was having the time of his life! On closer inspection, however, I noticed words in small print: “Keep living like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll be right sooner than you think.”

The poster was made by Despair, Inc., a satirical company that pokes fun at common motivational posters. The company’s observations about American culture are humorous but also insightful. The point of this poster is that defying the law of gravity, even for the sake of adventure, can have deadly consequences.

I can know a law, but unless I understand what it means and why it exists, I might be tempted to ignore or rebel against it. We tell toddlers not to run into the street—and answer their “why” with “because I said so!”—knowing they cannot truly comprehend such dangers. Rules are made for the uninformed.

The writer of this psalm asked God for understanding rather than knowledge because he likely already knew God’s law. He desired to know the why behind it—the reason for it.

When we truly understand God’s heart, obeying him isn’t that hard.

Ask God to help you understand his will and his heart.

Laura Hurd is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and holds a master’s degree from Wesley Seminary. She pastors with her husband, Jason, in rural Nebraska.

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