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Over sixty Wesleyan churches have sent (or are sending) over 700 volunteers to help those in need following the Oklahoma tornado disaster. The city officials in the town of Moore know the Wesleyans and are very grateful for our help at an estimated 200 destroyed or severely damaged home sites. Many of the agencies who showed up to help with the disaster at first have now left. But Wesleyan teams continue to serve needy families week after week all summer long. Poured-Out Ministries, led by Wesleyan pastor Steve Adams, is our key partner leading the field operations, and his passion for Christ is infectious.

Nathan Hedge, the pastor of May Avenue Wesleyan church (where the teams are hosted, fed and housed), reports that God is at work in and through the volunteers to bring the love of Jesus in wonderful ways to those who had lost hope and seen all they owned disappear in a few horrific moments. “The tremendous outpouring of volunteers and donations has enabled us to stay with this extraordinary ministry, continuing to share God’s love with more and more families here.”

Financial gifts support the May Ave church ministry costs and for the costs of the food, heavy equipment rental for Poured-Out, fuel, compassionate aid, and other cost for the cleanup and volunteers still scheduled in the coming weeks.

Rev. Hedge pointed out, “Our volunteer structure provides huge leverage—the funds go a long way and we can empower the teams as long as support continues. The best way to give is through the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund. 100% of it comes here and provides what is needed to keep the teams in the field helping and ministering to people. We are hoping to finish strong.”

If you and your church family have already helped, please share our thanks, check out the updates at, and share this video as you see fit. If you are still willing to consider a gift to the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund, thanks for sharing this need with your church. We are blessed to have such a wonderful response by so many across the country. And we are blessed to have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus at this key time for those who have been so discouraged and need to see the Lord walking beside them in their lives today.

Pictured: team members pray together at breakfast before heading out to the home sites.