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When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money. (Acts 8:18)

My father farmed eighty acres for an elderly, single woman, asking only a nominal fee. His farming techniques produced quality crop yields. They developed a good relationship over the years, and she valued his kindnesses to her.

One day she gave me a silver ring with a blue stone. My parents were surprised by her gift and thanked her. It fit perfectly and I wore it incessantly. Gradually I lost interest in it and mislaid it. I was too young to cherish what the ring represented.

Simon witnessed a God-given gift when Peter and John laid their hands on the Samaritans as they received the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures do not describe what he saw, but Simon was so impressed, he offered the apostles money so he could have the same ability. He was following the traditions of sorcery and overlooked the true meaning of receiving the Holy Spirit. Simon sought only God’s power and ignored seeking a personal relationship with the giver of this treasured gift. Even after Peter’s strong rebuke, it seems Simon was more concerned with the consequences of his actions than forgiveness for the condition of his heart.

I neglected to see the value of the ring; Simon snubbed the gift of the Holy Spirit. God gives us good gifts so we can bless others. How are others benefitting from the gifts God has given you?

Review God’s gifts to you and share them with others.

Gena Duncan is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and active in her local church. She enjoys bicycling and gardening.

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