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The younger one said to his father, “Father, give me my share of the estate.” So he divided his property between them. (Luke 15:12)

Words like “mine,” “give me,” or “more” most likely rang out of our mouths as children when desire arose in our little hearts. Whether it was from wanting a favorite toy, craving a favorite snack, or simply crying out for what our parents knew we didn’t need, the truth is that we quickly learned and hung on to the words necessary for getting our way. What’s also true is that many times this is still a struggle for us as adults, as the desire to claim and receive has anything but left. It merely looks different.

This story shared by Jesus in the book of Luke has the words “mine,” “give me,” and “more” being showcased in adult form by the younger son. As the son follows his selfish desires to claim and receive, he finds himself hitting the cultural rock bottom of that day and time.

It’s through this story that Jesus gently yet boldly leads us to examine our present desires of the heart. It begs us to ask the question, “What in life am I truly pursuing—my desires or his plan?” Our willingness to ask this question and allow the Holy Spirit to speak the truth is a step in going from greed to gratitude in the most transforming and life-giving of ways. A transformation made available to each of us.

Take time and ask the Lord to breathe life into your soul.

Laura Walls is a wife, new mom, and assistant pastor at Waterline Church. She enjoys laughing with friends, sitting around a campfire, and trips to the local craft store.

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