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Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. (Luke 22:31)

In university-level classes, professors tell students when the midterms and final exams will be in the syllabus. They do this so that the students can be prepared and succeed in the class. Like a professor giving students the information they need to succeed in school, God tells us in the Bible that all believers will experience temptation and hardship.

In this passage, Jesus told Peter that a time of being “sifted” was coming. He gently warned Peter that his faith and love would be tested by the uncertainty and danger around the corner. Jesus did this to prepare Peter so he could come out successful on the other side of temptation.

Since God tells us in the Bible that we will be tempted as believers, we should be prepared for times of temptation and hardship. Yet so often, they take us off guard. Perhaps like Peter, we hastily respond to Jesus’ gentle warnings with an overconfident, “Lord, I am ready.” We mistake his considerate words of preparation for accusation, and instead of growing in humility and seeking out strength for the battle, we dismiss his words with pride.

It is important to regularly notice and consider honestly whether our hearts are in the right place to withstand temptation. We need to listen to what Jesus is saying and always be humbly seeking to grow.

Expect temptation, and be prepared to resist it.

Grace Aukerman is a third-year Kingswood University student from Albania who loves coffee and her dog.

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