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I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. (Ecc. 3:12–13)

My grandpa, known for his keen sense of humor, always had a twinkle in his eye. I remember my grandma would say, “Oh Bill, stop that,” but said it with a smile so that everyone knew she was enjoying it as much as he was.

When my sister was born, my aunt had a new video camera she wanted to try out, so everyone in the family was at our house visiting the new baby and being recorded on the new “fancy” camera. My grandpa took that opportunity to show off the crib he had made that had been passed to all the grandkids. He started rocking my sister in the crib to show how great it worked. In the middle of the shot, he instructed my aunt to pause the camera when he said a certain word. Then he replaced my sister with one of my baby dolls and said “scene” to let my aunt know to restart the recording.

About that time, grandpa said, “And let me just show you how we have put all the grandkids names on the bottom” and tipped the crib up suddenly sending the baby doll flying! Then he called, “Cut!” Like everything in life, grandpa had so much fun with that recording. He knew that life was a gift of God to be enjoyed thoroughly.

Do something fun to enjoy life and thank God for his gift.

Wesley Seminary alumna, Sarah Cochran and her husband pastored for seventeen years, and now both work for an agency rescuing kids from sex trafficking worldwide.

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