Similar to last year, 2021 has been challenging for many in the global Wesleyan Church. It’s been 365 days full of reliance on God, as so many have prayed for creative solutions in difficult circumstances. We, serving in Global Partners, have felt humbled and grateful again and again as we’ve watched God move in powerful ways across the globe and in our ministries.

Leading up to Pentecost Sunday last May, Wesleyan churches in 55 countries participated in “21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.” This experience provided an extraordinary depiction of global unity, Spirit-led prayer and missional focus. It was a valuable opportunity to focus on being filled and led by God’s Spirit, and to see disciples and churches multiplied.

Global Partners has continuously found encouragement in the stories brought to our attention by missionaries working in the mission field. Amid difficult times, missionaries have been able to provide hope and relief within their communities.

An East Asia Global Partners missionary shared that at the height of COVID, South Asia was in desperate need of aid. Patients were two and three to a bed, while some died in hospital parking lots waiting to be seen. The church began purchasing medicine, conducting funeral services for unsaved neighbors and assisting patients in getting to the hospital. Christian doctors affiliated with Global Partners began providing online medical consultations. Even through language barriers, hearts were connected during a devastating time.

We praise God for the young Fotizo girl whose operation was paid for by fellow believers, including the Global Partners Fotizo missionary team. These actions of love and generosity ultimately led her family toward faith in Christ.

An Albanian missionary was blessed to see 46 children complete a discipleship course in their neighborhood, which led to each of them desiring a relationship with Christ.

An immigrant from a war-torn country upon stepping away from Islam was struggling with anxiety and depression. Her atheistic partner suggested trying Christianity and she did. One thing led to another and now both have found comfort in following Jesus.

This year has been blessed with an abundance of stories that sing of God’s sovereignty which surpasses disbelief, pandemics, language barriers and financial burdens. These stories not only testify to how God is still powerfully moving and working but give hope in ways that motivate each of us to press on.

By working to Unleash a Kingdom Force, we continue to see significant growth. Missionaries have been mobilized, partnerships engaged, followers multiplied, leaders developed, churches reproduced and nations transformed.

  • Missionaries mobilized
    • 144 in long-term service (4+ years)
    • 20 newly mobilized
    • 19 NEXT participants (mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for the next generation)
  • Partnerships engaged
    • 54% of North American Wesleyan churches engaged with Global Partners
  • Generosity inspired
    • $10,560,180 in contributions
  • Followers multiplied
    • 108,798 in attendance
    • 14,575 salvations
    • 18,836 baptisms
  • Leaders developed
    • 24 pastors sponsored
  • Churches reproduced
    • 2,762 churches in Global Partners fields
    • 256 new church plants

“As you read this global update, may the same Holy Spirit fill you with hope, expectancy and longing. May your hope rise in the power of God to transform individuals, communities and nations. May you be filled and led for how God will use you to fulfill the mission. May your longing grow to see those who live without access to the gospel introduced to their loving heavenly Father who welcomes them home,” prays Global Partners Executive Director Dennis Jackson.

Heather Auker is the communications’ supervisor for Global Partners.