Escalating unrest in Haiti over the past nine days has required the evacuation of the Global Partners team serving there. Evacuations began earlier this week and are continuing. No team member has been harmed.

“This is a desperate time for the citizens of Haiti, and while our hearts and prayers are with them, the situation had become unsafe and without any indication of stopping,” said Global Partners Executive Director Dennis Jackson. “After focused prayer and dialog with our Global Partners Haiti leadership team and local contacts, we sought and followed the counsel of our international security consultants in making the decision to evacuate.

“Another influence on our decision to evacuate,” added Jackson, “is that Haiti’s ambassador to the U.S. was recalled. When we were told that the U.S. State Department was evacuating all non-essential personnel from Haiti, we felt we had to act to protect our team members.” The U.S. Embassy today raised the security threat to level four (high).

General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt is asking The Wesleyan Church to pray for Haiti, its political situation, the men, women and children who live there, the leadership of The Wesleyan Church of Haiti and for the Global Partners team members who had to separate from their co-laborers, neighbors and friends.

“We grieve the reason for this disruption to the lives of the Haitian residents, our more than 130 Wesleyan churches and our team members who engage in ministry there,” said Schmidt. “Join us in praying that we can continue serving our brothers and sisters in Haiti, that God will bring peace and healing to this nation.”