Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. (Ps. 24:7)

I remember the time at Kingswood University that I helped with graduation. The place was buzzing with anticipation, excitement, and pride as the graduates all made their way to the platform to receive their diplomas for which they had worked so hard. At the end of the ceremony, I happened to be on door duty, to open the door for the graduates to come through. I quickly realized due to the people who kept coming through the doors after the graduates, that I would be there a while.

When Jesus was returning from earth, the gates of heaven opened to receive him. They opened wide for the splendor and might that were entering them. But even the gates could not contain him. The gates could not handle the amazing glory and might of the Lord who was walking through them. This is why they were commanded to “lift up your heads,” or to expand the entrance. They were not adequate to receive the One who was walking through them in such majesty and glory.

We are like the gates. The Lord comes to live with us, even though we are so unworthy. We can do nothing to be worthy. However, his grace is willing to reach down to us and extend to us the privilege of receiving him—not by anything we do, but only by the grace he extends.

Praise the Lord for his great glory and splendor.

Augustine Gidney is a fourth year Kingswood University student with a focus on counseling and children’s ministry. She loves spending time doing arts and crafts.

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