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Many people perceive tension — and sometimes even hostility — between faith and science. But there’s more agreement than many realize. Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, describes the difficulty of engaging in meaningful conversation that respects both faith and science.

  • As laypersons we sometimes wonder if we know enough about science or religion to ask the right questions of either.
  • As scientists we may welcome serious conversations but wonder if others tilt more toward controversy or more toward truth.
  • As pastors we often keep silent on science, because we don’t know what to say or because we don’t want to engage or escalate unwanted debates.

Now there’s a resource to inspire and inform your evangelical voice with trusted insight as you explore the surprising discoveries of agreement.

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The NAE asked a small, but impressive group of authors to bring science and faith on the same page. The booklet does not answer all the questions, but it unites the conversation in a way that values and respects both faith and science.

The History of Science and Christianity Mark A. Noll
The Wonder of Creation Dorothy Boorse
The Competencies and Limitations of Science Katharine Hayhoe and W. Douglas Hayhoe
Questions That Faith Asks Science John Ortberg
Worshipping God Through Discovery and Science Dorothy F. Chappell
Science as Christian Calling Ian Hutchinson
Creativity and the Development of Technology Randy Isaac
Genetics, Medicine and the Image of God Jay Hollman
Tending God’s Earth Christopher J. H. Wright
Reasons to Engage in Science Ed Stetzer