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The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen . . . the glory of the one and only Son, . . . full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)

Expanded Passage: John 1:14-18

How can I know someone really exists? I can see a person’s name on social media, but maybe they are an imposter. I can interview someone who claims to have spoken to that person, but perhaps they are lying. However, if I meet and talk to this person face-to-face, then I am convinced.

God is unseen. How do we know he really exists and cares about us? The first time when God dwelt with his people was in Exodus 13:21. He led Israel in pillars of cloud and fire at the Red Sea. This was evidence to many of the invisible. Then in Exodus 40:34, God took up residence in the Tent of Meeting as the Shekinah glory. But because Israel turned from God, the glory left the temple in 586 BC (Ezek. 11:23), and for hundreds of years God was again invisible.

Then in God’s perfect timing, he chose once again to dwell among us. But this time instead of appearing as a consuming fire, he came in grace and truth. Instead of appearing at a distance, he walked among us. Because God became human, we can read his actual words, weep at his brutal crucifixion, and rejoice at his resurrection. Does God exist and does he care? He became flesh and we saw his glory. What greater proof do we need?

While celebrating God’s incarnation, praise God for dwelling among us.

B. LaForge wrote devotionals for earlier editions of Light from the Word. They have been drawn from the archives and reprinted for this publication.

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