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The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. (Ps. 85:12)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 85

When I was a kid, my pastor always used to say this: “God is good all the time. All the time God is good.” It’s a simple phrase, easy to remember and full of important truths. God is goodness and righteousness, something we see in his fierce love for his people throughout the Bible.

When I waited for the spouse and children I so desired, I had to believe that God was, indeed, going to “give what is good.” I had to believe that one day, the “land will yield its harvest.” That doesn’t always mean exactly the harvest we’re looking for, but we can trust that it’s the right harvest.

Looking back, have you seen a harvest from the Lord, even when you didn’t think it was coming? The Bible is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to his people. Over and over again, he redeems, restores, and forgives. He takes what is bad and uses it for good. It’s important to remember that he is for you. He loves you desperately and made you with a purpose in mind—not to harm you, but to prosper you.

God doesn’t give bad things. He’s too holy and perfect for that. Believe his promise that he will “indeed give what is good” and that one day, sooner or later, the perfect harvest is coming in your life.

Have faith in the coming harvest.

Ericka Andersen is a member of Waterline Church in Fishers, Ind.. She’s a wife and mom to two and enjoys writing, podcasting, running, and country music.

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