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The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” (Gen. 12:1)

Have you ever attempted to sell something and heard the word might, as in “I might come look at it later” or “I might be interested”? The words I might do not show commitment. I cannot claim I sold my house if someone said “I might buy it.”

Through the call of Abram, God did not say “I might.” He loved Abram and made concrete statements, starting with “I will.” God’s instructions to leave the security of home, go to an unknown place, settle in an unknown nation, and potentially face ridicule and opposition would have been much more difficult to follow if God had only said, “I might.” Instead, as God called Abram, he said “I will.” “I will show you . . . I will bless you . . . I will give this land.” Although the road ahead was guaranteed to be difficult, God made these promises to Abram as a sign of his commitment to follow through.

Each of us will face difficulties. But just like the promises to Abram, God has made promises to us. And God will keep his promises out of the abundance of his love. We know God will not change his mind and say “I might.” There is no fear that God will lack faithfulness. God’s love compels him to keep his promises. God will love us, he will lead us, and he will bless us.

Lean on the promise that God is committed to you.

Carla Working copastors a Wesleyan church in Huntington, Indiana, with her husband. She also works for the Crossroads District as a ministry liaison.

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