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Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly; though lofty, he sees them from afar.

Expanded Passage: (Ps. 138:6)

Psalm 138:6–8

While attending a ministers’ conference, I was intrigued by a seminar topic given by a well-known pastor of a fairly large church. The sign on the door read: “How to Attract the Rich to Your Church.” I went into the packed room expecting to be entertained with a satirical discussion on social hindrances to the gospel. Instead, the speaker had lists of “to-dos” for connecting with the rich in the community. Taking up golf, joining service clubs, and joining the Chamber of Commerce were a few of his suggestions. We were encouraged to make these successful people feel special by putting them in positions of leadership and influence in the church. At some point, I realized he was being serious.

God’s perspective of people is quite different. The church he is building is attractive to the meek and broken, quite naturally, by the beautiful call of the good news itself. We do not have to develop strategies for targeting the poor to fill church seats; they will come just as such crowds did to Jesus in his earthly ministry. The reign of God is to be fulfilled by giving the poor their rightful place in God’s favor. Even though he is Lord of all, he sees the poor and lowly from his exalted perch. And to be seen by God is to be in God’s grace.

Keep your eyes open to see the lowly in your community.

Rich Eckley is professor emeritus of theology at Houghton College (NY). He is an ordained Wesleyan minister and enjoys—with his wife Lynn—entertaining four active grandchildren.

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