I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise. (Ps. 119:58)

WHEN AN OLD, hard, concrete floor has to be removed to make way for new flooring, a jackhammer is the tool for the job. The jackhammer operator puts on goggles and a respirator mask to keep the dust out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. He uses earplugs and earmuffs to stifle the noise. Finally, he dons his work gloves and firmly grasps the jackhammer’s handles. He starts his machine and breaks through the concrete layers.

There are times when we can imagine God having to use a jackhammer to break through the stubbornness of our hearts. We can see Him putting on all of His protective gear, starting His machine, and breaking through the concrete layers. The only way we can endure the excruciating pain is to envision the end result—a new, smooth, shiny heart that honors Him continually. As we study and apply His Word, we are more sensitive to His leading. We desire to be pleasing in His sight, and to help others do the same. This is the heart God wants us to have, the kind His gracious love will fill.

Let God break through the hard layers of your heart and replace your heart with one that shines for Him.

Sandy Haney has been an elementary school teacher for over twenty years. She and her husband, Marty, have two grown children and two grandchildren.