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And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all. (Acts 4:33)

Firecrackers are one thing, but an M-80 is something else. Firecrackers make a loud noise and can be dangerous in careless hands, but an M-80 is powerful and can destroy a mailbox. Originally designed for the military to simulate explosions or artillery fire, they were once available as fireworks for consumer use. While later banned, I remember them and their power from childhood.

The early church received God’s grace in wonderful ways as it practiced habits that caused growth. Acts 4:33 says that God’s grace was at work “powerfully.” As the believers grew in grace and went about the work of God, he clearly and overwhelmingly gave them what was needed, but not earned. They had grace for salvation, grace for service, and grace to change their world.

His grace is still powerfully at work today. Although we may feel helpless, or at best, limited, God’s grace fills in the gaps. We do not deserve it, but he continues to give it. Just as the early church moved from Jerusalem to Antioch and beyond, via God’s grace, we can move forward in every area of ministry to which he leads us. You will be successful in the ministry area that you feel called to serve in—but unequipped to do so—when God’s grace is powerfully at work in you. Embrace his grace. The world will be changed.

Let God’s grace work powerfully in you.

Roland E. Cavanaugh is a former pastor and current chaplain of Providence Place Senior Health and Rehabilitation (NC). He enjoys reading, writing, and nature.

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