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They performed his signs among them, his wonders in the land of Ham. (Ps. 10:27)

When God called Abraham to a new land, he made a long-term covenant that Abraham would be blessed and become a great nation. That promise would be fulfilled through his descendants and for generations to come.

God’s people were in Egypt as their number grew, and as the Lord made his people fruitful. Pharaoh was alarmed by this growth, and in response, forced the Israelites into slave labor. But God remembered his promise and had a plan in place.

God did miraculous things through his chosen leaders, Moses and Aaron. They were to lead this nation out of horrific bondage into the promised land. Deliverance was not immediate, nor was it a smooth transition, but God’s promise and plan were in process. God was in control and his wonders were being made known in Egypt. When he spoke, the empire was stricken with dread, over and over.

This psalm details scenes of the unfolding process God used in fulfilling his plan. Their deliverance was due to the awesome power of God, and they honored him in song, even generations later.

Oppression and hopelessness may threaten at times, but God can be trusted to be true to his promises for us. We may be puzzled by his plan, but we have his promise and his presence always.

Trust God that your best interest is close to his heart.

Jeanette Vermilya is ministry director at Shunem House. She has served with her husband, Jim, in overseas and pastoral ministry in The Wesleyan Church for over fifty-five years.

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