Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near.” (Rev. 22:10)

I NEVER MEANT TO SLEEP through the alarm. In fact, I remembered I had taken special care to set the alarm so it would go off in plenty of time for me to get ready before the taxi showed up to take me to the airport. Instead, a fierce pounding on my front door woke me out of a sound sleep. I glanced at my alarm clock, and realized it was already five minutes past the time I had scheduled the taxi. I splashed some water in my face, brushed my hair back, zipped up my half-packed suitcase, and ran to the door. It was only when I was halfway to the airport that I realized I had turned off my alarm just a few minutes before it was set to wake me up. I had silenced the very signal I needed that morning.

In much the same way, the Holy Spirit encouraged John to remind us that as the time draws nearer for Jesus’ return we need to pay attention to God’s signals more than ever. It is tempting to ignore what God is saying in His Word and around us, but we still need to be aware of what He is doing.

Jesus will come right on schedule, according to God’s timing. We dare not ignore God’s signals, alarming or not.

Ask God to help you recognize His signals to you today.

Steve Wamberg is a husband, dad, writer, and pastor who loves his family, preaching, teaching, music, coffee, friends, and Nebraska football.