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Remember me, Lord . . . that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones. (Ps. 106:4–5)

TLC. All of us need tender loving care. Some of us reject this concept more than others; yet all of us have times when we need a special touch, word, or look.

The volume of Israel’s faithlessness and rebellion is catalogued in Psalm 106. The psalmist holds Israel’s sins to the mirror of God’s faithfulness and love. When our nation’s laundry of sins is hung out to dry, we marvel at God’s patience and forbearance. Yet the psalmist circled back, perhaps even when the nation of Israel was in exile, to God’s love that endures forever.

In the midst of sin, God’s faithfulness and overarching love is present. The Passion Translation describes God’s love as “tender” and the English Standard Translation describes it as “steadfast.” When we, like the psalmist, reflect on God’s love, we find ourselves at a loss to declare adequate words of praise to God.

With the reality of the magnitude of Israel’s sins through the ages, of God’s unwavering love, and the inability to express adequate praise to God, the psalmist pulled back to himself and begged God, “Remember me, Lord.” The psalmist pleaded for spiritual restoration. The prosperity he desired and relied on was God’s mercy and grace, which he had shown to Israel. This mercy is available to us, if we ask for forgiveness and turn from our sinful ways.

Dwell on God’s enduring love and praise him in a new way.

Gena Duncan is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and active in her local church. She enjoys bicycling and gardening.

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