He worked for the good of his people and spoke up for the welfare of all the Jews. (Est. 10:3)

WE ALL LOVE a good-versus-evil story—especially when good triumphs and the bad guy gets knocked down a few notches. There’s something satisfying about balance being restored.

But life isn’t always fair. Loved ones die. Doctors get cancer. Children are trafficked as slaves. Looking at the injustice around us, we may want to throw up our hands and walk away. Why try at all when the “good path” feels so desolate and pointless?

Enter Esther and Mordecai.

Esther’s bravery and her uncle’s quiet faithfulness “won” over Haman in the end. But this triumph was not about defeating one man, and it wasn’t a formula to emulate: do good + be brave = win. God used Esther and Mordecai to remind us that there’s a bigger story to consider. Their righteous acts saved not only their lives, but also the future of God’s people, the Israelites.

Like Esther and Mordecai, walking in righteousness and fighting for good may very well put a target on our backs. In fact, Jesus told his disciples to expect it (see John 16:33). But even so, we can walk confidently toward God knowing the end of the story. God wins. Good prevails. Justice will come for those people who trust in him and follow in relentless faith.

So even when following God feels fruitless, choose him anyway. Choose good.

Choose God and his justice, mercy, and humility in all you do.

Sarah E. Westfall resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with husband Ben and their four boys. Her elusive free time is spent reading, home remodeling, and writing.

© 2019 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.