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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. (Ps. 150:6)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 150

Taken from a sheep pen and elevated to the privileged position of palace minstrel, his music soothed the soul of no less a person than the king of Israel. While but a youth, he slew a nine-foot giant with a mere slingshot before decapitating him with his own sword. With God’s help, David gave his people one of their most remarkable victories. While “motorcading” through Judah’s streets, he was seen dancing before the Lord with all his might, as women sang, “Saul has slain his thousands, but David his tens of thousands.”

The word hallelujah has been aptly defined as the highest note of praise that we can ever give to God. It expresses our gratitude for what God has done, but also ascribes worth to God for who he is. Might that highest praise note have been what escaped David’s lips while he danced before the Lord with all his might? This psalm appeals to us to sing our hallelujahs to God from anywhere, whether in his sanctuary or in the heavens. Hallelujahs, accompanied with trumpet, harp, strings, pipe, cymbal, and dancing, are an unbeatable combination of praise-giving.

The next time you think of who God is and all he has done, give him your soul’s hallelujah. He is still worthy of your highest praise note.

Praise the Lord!

Theodore Griffin is a Wesleyan pastor and a DMin student. He and his wife, Randy, have two adult children and are the proud grandparents of a ten-month-old grandson.

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