Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God. (1 Pet. 2:12)

THEIR MARRIAGE APPEARED to be good, but began to change when she gave her life to Christ. She thought her husband would accept Jesus too, but she underestimated the pull of their Eastern religion, interwoven with Japanese culture. Angered, he demanded that she renounce her Christian faith, but she would not. He refused to visit her church or even listen to her talk about Jesus. The rift grew wider, and he began staying late at work, until she felt sure he was seeing someone else.

The evening came when he did not come home at all, and she spent a tearful night in prayer. In the morning, her husband returned, accompanied by another woman. Without introduction or explanation he commanded: “You will make our breakfast.”

What would you have done? Though some could rightly argue against her choice, she prepared their breakfast and served them with all the kindness that was in her. Several weeks later, his resistance broken, her husband accepted Jesus as his Savior. He could withstand her reasoning and appeals but was powerless against such God-given kindness and forgiveness.

Folks need to hear the gospel message, but they also need to see the difference Jesus makes in our lives. The Bible is the brochure; our lives are the “demonstration model.” It’s hard to argue with results.

Look for opportunities to be kind for Jesus’ sake.

Neil Bowers lives in San Diego, California, with his wife and children. He is a state correctional officer and enjoys children’s ministry, poetry writing, and wood carving.