When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. (Matt. 1:24)

WHEN JOSEPH RECEIVED THE ANGEL’S MESSAGE, I wonder if his first response was something like this: “Lord, I know You’re talking to me, but do you know what You’re asking? How can I be the earthly father of Your child?” The magnitude of the task may have caused Joseph to quake in his sandals. However, he obeyed the Lord’s instruction and was rewarded with a unique father-son relationship.

God’s instruction to Joseph is just one of many occasions when God called someone to do a hard thing. God often challenged individuals to sandal-quaking tasks that could be completed only with God in charge. He asked Moses to lead the Israelites through the Red Sea. He asked Noah to build a massive boat to protect his family. He asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. In each situation, God provided His servants with both the instruction and the means to complete the mission. What was the outcome of their obedience? The Israelites walked on the dry sea floor, Noah and his family escaped the flood, and God provided a ram to take Isaac’s place.

When we commit ourselves to God, we can be certain He will ask us to do hard things. The question is, will we respond as Joseph did and follow through? What task is God asking you to make or complete?

When facing a challenge, rely on God for both instructions and the outcome.

Jill Printzenhoff is a science teacher and avid reader. She enjoys kayaking, fishing, bike riding, hiking, and vacationing with her husband and their two daughters.

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