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Humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. (James 1:21)

Expanded Passage: James 1:19-27

We may think the “spiritual life” is separate from “normal life.” It is not. Our acceptance or rejection of the Word is about more than whether we do our devotions; it’s about whether our everyday habits are cooperating with or resisting God.

God’s Word reminds us of the importance of bearing and producing good fruit. The Word and God’s active presence in our lives give us everything we need to have a fruitful existence. As we engage in a rhythm of contemplation, we are invited to allow new seeds to be planted in us. For those seeds to grow, we need to apply them in our daily rhythms of life.

The growth of a seed is a long, gradual process, just like life in the Spirit. When asked whether we’re saved, a good response might be, “I have been saved, I will be saved, and I am being saved.” When accepted, the Word planted in us grows up into salvation and reminds us of the life God is bringing us into. The spiritual life cannot be hidden; it is shown by the way we live it out around others. This gives an opportunity for us to tell others the good news. Salvation is here for everyone. The Word can be planted in them as well, and they too can be saved!

See how God’s Word can change how you engage with others.

Sarah Linder is a lay minister for congregational care at College Wesleyan Church (IN) and a stay-at-home mom of three boys.

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